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Enjoy shopping for your electronics, whether big or small appliances, from Unionaire and get a great discount if you submit a Unionaire promo code.


Carefully selected offers

About Unionaire

About Unionaire

Having new appliances is not an easy decision to make day and night as you must pass through many steps. You have to know very well what the potential of the device you need is, its size, colour, and of course, which brand.

The brand defines many things about your choice, as there are many brands in the market, but the authentic ones are not that many. So you must be picky and choose the best as you may not have the chance to change it soon.

Unionaire is one of the well-known brands in the Egyptian market that has its position in Egypt and the world.

Unionaire promo code will give you a great discount on all home appliances and small devices you need.

What do you know about Unionaire coupons?

Through the years, Unionaire developed the technology they use to make all their devices to keep up the speed of progress in the market. With Unionaire discount code, you can buy any of these devices at a discounted price. Check MenaCoupons now to get the latest Unionaire code for your next order.

Unionaire categories

  • Home Category: here, you will take a quick look at some of Unionaire's products and the latest ones.
  • Cookers Category:  almost no home can dispense on cookers, whatever their model, but you must have one. With Unionaire promo code, you will have the opportunity to choose from many styles: Built-in, Eco, iCook, iCook pro, iCook smart, iChef, Golden edition, iChesf smart, or iSteel and shop it at a great discount.
  • Air Conditioners Category: as a side effect of global warming, hot days become hotter than ever, and the cool days become cooler, so having an air conditioner is not welfare any more. It is a need! So you have to choose carefully what brand to shop from. One of your best choices will be Unionaire, and submitting Unionaire coupon code will give you a good discount on your order.
  • Fridge Category: Unionaire does its best to satisfy all its customers, and this is reflected in the variety of its product in shapes, sizes, colours and styles.
  • Deep Freezer Cateogy: here are vertical and horizontal deep freezers with different capacities and a wide range of prices. Choose what suits more your needs and budget; remember to submit Unionaire promo code you have to get a great deal.
  • Washing Machine Category: Unionaire has a big collection of washing machines with different styles and capacities. Enter any Unionaire code to get your discount on your order.
  • Small Devices Category: here is a variant collection of small devices like fans, choppers, mixers, vacuum cleaners, water dispensers and many other devices you can get at a good price if you have a Unionaire promo code.
  • Maintenance Category: one of the most important things and a big part of buying a specific appliance from a brand is the maintenance centres. Is it available and near or not? Unionaire has maintenance centres all around Egypt, and you can order the service online, and they will contact you as soon as possible.
  • Contact Us Category: Unionaire appreciates all their customers and always hears about all their problems and suggestions. So they care about staying connected. Don't hesitate to contact Unionaire customer service if you have any questions or inquiries.

Check Unionaire and apply your Unionaire gift voucher to enjoy your discount.

How to get the latest Unionaire coupon?

Getting a high-quality product with the best price is the deal that everyone seeks to make. MenaCoupons will help you to achieve that as it will provide all its visitors with the latest codes and coupons for many international and trusted local brands to shop from.

How to use Unionaire coupon?

Once you have Unionaire voucher, visit the website and add any device you like to your cart. Check the cart and ensure you are okay with all the items you choose. Then in the checkout step, add your Unionaire code to enjoy your discount.

Unionaire features

  • Unionaire has many branches around Egypt, so you can visit them.
  • There are maintenance centres in many places all over Egypt.
  • You can contact Unionaire customer service via many ways hotlines or online chat.
  • Unionaire customer service team is always available to answer all your questions and inquiries. 
  • You can pay online for your order in many ways.
  • Unionaire promo code will give you a great deal on your order.
  • You can use the filter to limit the result depending on colour, size, or category.

How can I track my order from Unionaire retailer?

Once your order is dispatched, you will receive an email with your order ID, and you can use it to track your order from the website. All you will need is the email you used to make the order and the order ID.

I was about to buy a product, but it was out of stock. Is it possible to be available again?

It happens from time to time that you can find many products out of stock, but if you are interested in buying one of these products, click on notify me, and you will receive a notification as soon as this product is available again.

I received my order, but the device is defective! What should I do?

If you face any problem, please don't hesitate to contact Unionaire customer service and they will help you as soon as possible.

I have a problem with a device still under warranty! What should I do?

Please contact Unionaire customer service, and they will help you to find the nearest maintenance centre to you.

Available payment methods

With Unionaire, you have many payment methods to pay for your order:


Master Card.

Premium Card.


Please make sure before paying by a card that you already activate paying for online shopping service so that you do not face any problems.

What should I do if I have Unionaire promo code but it does not work?

First of all, make sure that it is your first time using this code. Then ensure that it is valid. Also, ensure that your code is identical to the original one and that there are no extra spaces.

Unionaire on social media

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More Unionaire promo codes

Unionaire promo code

Unionaire is one of the well-known and trusted brands in Egypt and a good competitor for many international brands in the market as it has high-quality products with competitive prices, and it already has a big fan base and loyal customers. Apply any Unionaire promo code to get any of the products you need at a discounted price.

Unionaire code

Suppose you are considering updating any of your home appliances or replacing them with new ones. Unionaire has a big collection of all the big and small appliances you can check them, and if you want to get great deals, then Unionaire discounts will be a good time to shop. 

Unionaire discount code

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