Tamanna Discount Code

Tamanna Discount Code

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For every woman in the Arab world who is looking for affordable beauty and skin care products as well as make up products, Tamanna Store is what you are looking for.


Carefully selected offers

About Tamanna Discount Code

Tamanna Discount Code

For every woman in the Arab world who is looking for affordable beauty and skin care products as well as make up products, Tamanna Store is what you are looking for. 

Tamanna Store is one of the very special online stores that offer a great selection of beauty products at low prices from large and famous international brands around the world with the effective Tamanna Discount Code, that you can find here on MENACOUPONs.

You can now shop with the leading shopping destination, get  the best products and the latest trends from the most famous international brands, and whatever you wish for you can find it at Tamanna Store. With the Tamanna discount code, you can get a huge purchase discount of up to 90% when using our coupons.

Tamanna platform enables you to buy all the products you need with a very special purchase discount, in addition to saving a large amount of money when using the Tamanna Discount Code, which works for all the products you want to buy within the Tamanna platform, buy now to get great gifts.

More Information About Tamanna  Store 

Since online shopping has become the trending thing now ways, and with our busy lives and small tie that we got, we are unable to get all the items and the products that we wish for all the time, but with the presence of the online shopping you can now get all the products that you wish for with only few clicks on your screen. 

Tamanna store is one of the very special destinations in the world of online shopping, Tamanna store  provides customers in the State of Kuwait with the most famous international brands and stunning designs for men’s and women’s clothing, in addition to a special section for beauty products for modern women.

All of that with high quality products and lowest prices ever thanks to Tamanna Discount Code that you can find on Menacoupons renewed and ready to use. 

Now enjoy the strongest shopping experience ever with the wonderful Tamanna platform, which provides standard customer service to all users in the GCC countries, and customers in the Middle East can learn about the latest international releases in the field of fashion and beauty.

At Tamanna Store you can find a variety of options for reputable brands in the fashion world. You can discover more when you visit the online website.

At Tamanna Store, the products are carefully selected  to be presented to customers in the Middle East to match their passion. You can get a discount with a renewed Tamanna discount code that you can find at MENACOUPONs

What makes Tamanna store well known in the Middle East, besides the great service and the huge discounts that it offers every now and then, is that it belongs to the unique Alshaya Group, which works on financing the entire platform. 

The Alshaya group is well known for its great experience in the field of international fashion and has strong relationships with the most famous designers and international brands. You can get all of these high end products with the lowest prices ever if you use the  effective Tamanna voucher code.

What Are The Available Sections At Tamanna  Store? 

Tamanna Store has many sections that you can surf through to get all the products that you wish for, and here are the available sections 

Women’s Section: The women’s section includes all the newly arrived releases from international stores of clothing, shoes, accessories, and beauty products.

You can use the Tamanna voucher code. 

Men's Section: at this section you can find all the latest designs for clothes in the markets, shoes, men's accessories and men's care products

Beauty Section: The beauty section contains a lot of beauty care products, such as  body care products, face care products, special perfumes, gift sets, hair care products, hand care products, makeup products and more.

You can also use Tamanna Discount Code while purchasing your order from The Beauty section to get an extra discount on your order. 

Children's Section: Within this section there are various children's products for boys, girls and newborn babies. You can find everything from  shoes and accessories, which belong to elegant international brands, beside the huge discount through the effective Tamanna Discount Voucher on our website. 

Home Section: TIn this section you can find  everything that is new and unique for all the home decoration items, from dining room products, furniture, home accessories, gifts, stationery, travel luggage, organization and storage products, and others.

What Is The Delivery Cost Inside the Tamanna  Store? 

Beside the huge discount the store offers on almost everything, it provides the customer with one of the fastest delivery, as you can receive your order within a period not exceeding 1-2 days from the date of the purchase process.

You can also get a free delivery service with no extra fees from the Tamana store to any part in Kuwait, as well as the ability to get an extra discount if you use the Tamanna Discount Code. 

How To Pay Through the Tamanna  Store?

Tamanna Store offer various payment methods that you can pay through and here are the available payment methods: 

  • Payment  through Visa Card.
  • Payment by MasterCard.
  • Payment by American Express Card.
  • Payment is made through all Kuwaiti debit cards of local origin.

Make sure to use the Tamanna Coupon Code to get an extra discount. 

How To Contact Tamanna Customer Service? 

You can do this through the following means of communication:

Contact via phone number: +965 2221 6656

Contact via Contact Us Page