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Namshi Code

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Namshi store is one of the largest online stores that specialize in fashion and accessories for both men and women, at reasonable prices. With the use of the Namshi code


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About Namshi Code

Namshi Code 

Namshi store is one of the largest online stores that specialize in fashion and accessories for both men and women, at reasonable prices. With the use of the Namshi code, you can get all the products you want from accessories to clothing with high-quality and fast delivery, and low prices. 

Although Namshi store was launched in 2011, it competes with large online stores and proved itself in the market, and that is because of all the offers that Namshi store has on its user-friendly website that attract many online shoppers, from all around the world, to buy and purchase orders with high-quality products and low prices, in case you used Namshi coupon code

Besides the huge offers that the store has, you can also use the Namshi code to get more discounts on the products that you want, you shall find the Namshi coupon code easily and renewed on a daily basis on our website

At the Namshi store, you can shop and get all the best and modern fashion that belongs to famous and international brands through the Namshi store, and with the use of the Namshi code and Namshi coupon code, you will get huge discounts upon your purchase. 

You can buy all the products you need with great purchase discounts with the Namshi discount coupon, which is characterized by being effective and renewed. You find the Namshi coupon effective and provide an immediate discount through our site and a discount coupon for all products inside the Namshi store.

What Is Namshi Store?  

Namshi is one of the largest and the most important online stores for online shopping. Namshi store is characterized by having different categories and various sections and products that fit all the shopper’s taste. 

Namshi store is characterized by having a user-friendly website, where you can shop easily and surf between the pages smoothly. In addition to having high-quality products, you can have them all at low prices if you used Namshi promo code or Namshi code during your purchase. 

When Was The Namshi Store Established?

Namshi store established its website in 2011, and the website since then has specialized in fashion and accessories for men, women, and kids. 

Although that the website was recently established, but it gained a lot of fame and popularity and proved itself in the market, and thanks to the great discount that the store offers on daily basis, you can have what you want with the low prices, plus you can easily use the Namshi coupon code and get more discounts that can reach 70%. 

The process of shopping inside the Namshi store is very wonderful, based on the experiences of many users, and the store offers distinctive purchase offers continuously, and there are huge discounts and offers all the time for all users, through the Namshi discount code, you can get a huge purchase discount upon purchase.

Does Namshi sell original products?

Namshi is well known for having high quality and 100% authentic and original products. All the products that you can find on Namshi website are sourced from authorized distributors and are of premier quality, you can have all the original products with the lowest prices if you used Namshi code while purchasing your order. 

At Namshi store you shall find all the international and famous brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Top shop, Miss Guide, Forever 21, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, and much more. 

Where Does Namshi Deliver its Products? 

Although the headquarters of Namshi store is in the United Arab Of Emirates, it offers delivery to different places and countries including Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and much more. 

You can get all the products delivered to your doorstep with the least prices if you use Namshi code that you can find on our website and it will give you a chance of having all the products at a great discount. 

Does Namshi Ship Internationally?

Namshi now offers international shipment, and it fees-free delivery internationally for all the orders that are above 300 USD. 

As for the order below 300 USD, the shipping fees will be 50 USD. Remember to use Namshi voucher code to get a discount and enjoy an amazing online shopping experience. 

How long does Namshi take to deliver?

All the customers should expect to have their delivery within 1-2 working days from the date of placing their orders, as Namshi store has one of the fastest delivery periods, customers shouldn’t wait longer. 

Can I Pay Cash on Delivery At Namshi?

Namshi offers the ability to pay upon the delivery of your order, for all UAE residents only, as well as the ability to pay by Card upon the delivery. 

There are a few fees in case you chose to pay by card at your doorstep and that is 15 AED. 

As for the rest of the world, Namshi stores offer various payment methods that are reliable and completely safe. In case you chose any of the payment methods that Namshi offers, don’t forget to use Namshi discount code to enjoy the discount that it offers. Here are the available payment methods: 

  • Pay by Paypal card.
  • Pay by eBay card.
  • Pay with a Visa card.
  • Pay with a MADA card.

Can I Track My Order On Namshi? 

You can easily track your order wherever you are when you order from Namshi, and here is how. 

According to the place and the country you are in, the method will be a little different. 

For all the UAE residents, you can easily track your shipment if you followed the link that was sent to you via SMS. 

As for Saudi Arabia residents, you can call the customer care center and they will help you to know the status of your shipment. 

As for the rest of the world, you can always contact the Help center and they will help you know the status of your shipment. 

Namshi Returning and Exchanging Policy 

You can do the return and exchange process for free, within 14 days of receiving the product, provided the original product packaging is present and the product has not been used.