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Don't worry about booking your next appointment with your doctor or in a specific clinic; with MyAster, you will book an appointment for any specialization you need at a discounted price.


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About MyAster

About MyAster

Healthcare is one of the main factors that affect any country's position; its importance expands to the resident and the visitors.

Illness is not an easy experience for the patient himself or his relatives; this is what the MyAster team know, and they work very hard to make this experience much easier for the patients and more productive and efficient for doctors.

Having MyAster coupon code will allow you to book an appointment with your doctor or get any medical prescription, lifestyle & fitness, nutrition, mother & baby, beauty, personal care, equipment & homecare and health condition products at a great price.

What do you know about MyAster coupon?

An appointment with your doctor, hospital, or clinic will not be a big deal. All you need to do is to download MyAster application, select the specialization you need and choose from the available doctors, and in the checkout, submit the MyAster code you have to get your discount.

MyAster Sections

If you are using MyAster for the first time, you will notice its design is very simple, clear, and concise. You will reach what you want in no time, and it is easy to use.

Let's take a quick view of its sections:

  • Consult a Doctor Section: to get the best result for your consultation; you must target a specific speciality so it will give you the right answers to your question. This is what MyAster makes here; you will find many specialities, each with its own doctors. Sometimes you don't know the right specialization for your consults, so in this situation, you would better visit a clinic. Remember to use MyAster coupon code to get a great discount while booking your appointment.
  • Pharmacy Section: pharmacy is not only for getting prescription medication as you can also find lifestyle & fitness, nutrition, mother & baby, beauty, personal care, equipment & homecare and health condition products. All these options are available on MyAster application. You can check it and submit the MyAster promo code to get your order at a discounted price.

Check MyAster application now and apply the MyAster voucher to get a great deal on any service or product you need.

How to get the latest MyAster coupon?

MenaCoupons provides visitors with the latest discounts for many online stores, including the MyAster website. You can visit it and get the latest MyAster coupon code for your next order.

How to use MyAster coupon?

What makes MyAster application distinct is that it is very simple and easy to use; anybody of any age can use it. Just choose the service you need and select from the choices; then, while paying for the service, add the MyAster coupon code you have to get your discount.

MyAster features

  • MyAster application has a large number of doctors from many specialities, and you can book an appointment any time you like.
  • MyAster also has a big pharmacy for prescription medication, lifestyle & fitness, nutrition, mother & baby, beauty, personal care, equipment & homecare and health condition products.
  • With MyAster application, you can pay for your service or use your medical insurance.
  • MyAster is well-designed and easy to use.
  • You can pay for your service in many ways.
  • You can have a video call with the doctor you choose.
  • MyAster helps all their customers to have their own medical history in one place, as you can check your records for past consults, medical prescriptions and lab reports.
  • With MyAster coupon code, you will get any service or product you need at a discounted price.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

Of course, you can, but before the scheduled time, 30 minutes. Go to your appointment and reschedule with the new appointment.

Is the express delivery service available?

Yes, you can receive your order within 90 minutes.

Is express delivery available in all areas of the UAE?

Unfortunately, no, it is available around MyAster pharmacies.

How does it take to receive my order from MyAster app?

It takes between 1 to 4 working days.

How much is the delivery fee?

It will cost 5 AED for the standard delivery. But if you exceed a limit, you will get it free.

How can I track my order from MyAster?

It is as simple as everything related to MyAster application. Login with your account, go to 'My Order', 'More', then select the order you need to track, and you will get all the details related to the order so you can know the latest status of your order.

Can I cancel my order?

Opinion changes! This happens, and MyAster appreciates that. You can cancel your order only if it is not dispatched.

Is it okay that anyone can receive my order?

You will receive an OTP on your mobile and email address when your order is dispatched. It is supposed for anyone who will receive the order to have this OTP.

Some products from my order are missing! What is wrong?

Don't worry. Your order may be divided into two shipments. If you think there is a delay, you can contact MyAster customer service team, who will help solve your problem.

What is the return/exchange policy in MyAster application?

You have the right to return or exchange your order within 72 hours from the date you receive the order. Please consider that the product must be new, unused, and unopened; all the labels are attached and in their original package.

Non-returnable products

Before requesting a return or exchange, make sure that your order does not include any of these products:

  • Hosieries.
  • Socks.
  • Earrings.
  • Temperature-sensitive items.  

Is it okay that I want to get some specific products?

Yes, it is okay. You can get any amount you like, and if there is a restriction for a product, it will be mentioned.

I did not receive a receipt for my order! Is that a problem?

Please check your email; you will find that MyAster sent it in an email.

Available payment methods

MyAster wants to make the whole healthcare process much easier and reachable for all, and part of this is how you will pay for any service you get. So it provides all their customers with many options to pay:

  • Visa.
  • Master Card.
  • Cash on Delivery.
  • Pay at the clinic.

If you face any problem paying online, please contact your bank customer service and ensure you activate the online shopping service for your card.

MyAster application

Hurry up and download MyAster application to enjoy all the MyAster offers:

Get your Android version from here.

Get your iPhone version from here.

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MyAster coupon code

MyAster application is a well-designed and user-friendly application that makes it easy for anyone to use and reach what they need, whether booking an appointment or buying anything from the pharmacy. Don't miss any of MyAster discounts, and follow them on social media.

MyAster promo code

With MyAster voucher code, you can book immediately with the doctor you need or have an appointment with any clinic around AUE with discounted prices. You will not have to pay for your reservation if you have medical insurance.

MyAster discount code

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