Modanisa Coupon Code (US90)

Modanisa Coupon Code (US90)

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Use Modanisa Coupon Code while purchasing your order from MENACOUPONs website.


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modanisa discount code
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    Modanisa Coupon Valid In USA With 50% Discount

    Modanisa store offers discounts to its users on all the products it provides in the United States of America, and the value of this discount is 50% of the price of the products when the order exceeds $ 50, when using the Modanisa coupon we will be able to get the discount. 

    Use Modanisa Coupon Now and enjoy the amazing discount from MENACOUPONS 

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About Modanisa Coupon Code (US90)

Modanisa Coupon Code (US90)

It is a complicated equation for online stores to have a modest fashion for women with high quality and exceptional prices; however, Modanisa Store made this equation come true!

With high-quality products from Turkey, every Arab woman can now enjoy her modest fashion style, and with high-quality products, and with the lowest prices ever. All of that is can only be done if you used Modanisa Coupon Code while purchasing your order from MENACOUPONs website. 

Modanisa Store is one of the most well-known startups in Turkey. As the Turkish startup, Modanisa jumped at the chance to be part of a movement remedying that and giving women more fashion-forward choices.

Modanisa Store's slogan is "choice in style", living by that slogan, Modanisa managed to give the fashion style to over 400 million Muslim women worldwide to choose their classes, from high-quality products at incredible prices with Modanisa Coupon Code that you can use while purchasing your order. 

You can easily find Modanisa Coupon Code at MENACOUPONs. All you have to do is lookup for Modanisa Coupon Code in the search bar. You will find the most recent coupons that you can use to get extra discounts on your purchased online order. 

Download Modanisa Application For Free 

Modanisa store works on nothing but the satisfaction of the customer, especially the Arab Women. They want to provide them with the best shopping experience; that is why Modanisa has launched  Modanisa Application. 

Through Modanisa Application, you can easily surf the different sections and categories at the store all from your mobile device. You can order whatever you want with only a click on your mobile screen. 

And here are the links that you can download the application form. You can use the application whether you are using an Andriod or IOS device. 

Download Modanisa app for Android

Download Modanisa App for iPhone

Through the Modanisa application, you can get the best shopping process and the most significant possible discounts through the effective Modanisa discount code available on MENACOUPONS. 

Don't Forget to use Modanisa discount code while using Modanisa application, whether you are using the IOS or the Android Mobile system to get huge discounts on your order. 

More Information About Modanisa Store 

Modanisa store is founded by one well-known entrepreneur and a retail consultant in Turkey, Kerim Ture. 

The main goal behind the foundation of this huge company is that the company wants to provide "choice in style" to 400 million Muslim women globally. With 300 brands and more than 22 designers selling through the platform today, every Arab and Muslim woman is getting the choice to choose her style freely and still keep up with the latest trends and fashion styles. 

Even though there is a huge market when it comes to fashion items, still, Muslim women's fashion needs were under-addressed for years. 

The Western fashion industry used to think that Muslim women's fashion was all about black burkas and Abayas, but Modanisa store changed that concept globally. 

They ensured that every Muslim and hijabi woman could be modest and still wears fashionable clothes. 

What Are The Available Sections and Categories At Modanisa Store?

As we mentioned above, the store has more than 22 designers, it is crystal clear that the store offers a different style to suit every woman worldwide. 

You can find different categories at the online store to make it easier for women to shop and surf between different sections. 

The store has many sections, and these sections contain different categories, and here are some of the sections that you can find at Modanisa store. 

You can use Modanisa discount code while shopping from any section to get more discounts on the purchase order. 

Modanisa Sections:  

Hijabs Section: you can find wonderful items that can suit every veiled woman, such as shawls, scarves, bonnets, and accessories.

You can use Modanisa Coupon Code while purchasing your order from this section so that you can enjoy the extra discount the store offers. 

Clothing Sections: You can find different items of clothing that can suit modest Muslim women, such as tunics, dresses, top clothes, winter clothes, home clothes, in addition to winter shirts.

And there are different other sections at Modanisa store such as : 

The outerwear section. 

Plus Size Section.

Sports/Swimming Wear Section. 

Shoes and accessories section. 

Designers section.

Evening Dresses Section. 

You can surf and browse the online website and choose the section that suits you the most. Don't forget to use Modanisa Coupon Code to get an extra discount on your order. 

What Are The Available Payment Methods At Modanisa?

Modanisa store offers different payment methods and reliable and safe methods such as:  

Credit Card 

Debit Card 


Cash On Delivery 

Please note that Cash on Delivery payment method is available for orders up to $150, and a service charge of $5.7 must be paid to the delivery courier.

But you can compensate for the extra fees by using Modanisa Coupon Code while purchasing your order. 

What Are The Most Famous Brands In Modanisa Store?

Modanisa store is unique due to its products to veiled women. All of the fashion items you can find at Modanisa Store fashions are all at low prices, thanks to Modanisa Discount Code.

  • Nihan
  • Alia 
  • Benin
  • Bambi
  • Rivka
  • Armine Eşarp
  • Taven

What Are The Most Important Features At Modanisa Store? 

Besides the great fashion items and the great prices that Modanisa store, it offers many advantages that every online shopper is looking for. Here are the most important features are:

  • Modanisa store offers a distinctive and simple design at the online website and the application. 
  • You can pay in multiple and secure ways.
  • The store is the first store that specializes in all kinds of veiled clothes.
  • The store has a bouquet of the best pieces that befit the elegance of Arab women.
  • The store offers many discounts on many distinctive pieces displayed in other stores at fantastic prices.
  • The store allows customers to use the Modanisa coupon code to get additional significant discounts.
  • If you had any problem, you could contact the customer service of the Modanisa store.
  • Modanisa code is available continuously for all customers in different Arab countries.

What is the cost of delivery at Modanisa Store?

It varies according to different factors like: 

  • the country of delivery 
  • the quantity/ number of products ordered. 

But, you can always check the shipping cost of your order at checkout and payment page while purchasing your order. 

But you can always compensate for shipping fees by using Modanisa Coupon Code while purchasing your order. 

How Can I Return My Order At Modanisa Store?

Modanisa Store offers you a smooth return process within the guidelines of their Return Policy. 

You can quickly return your order from the Modanisa Store. 

You can go to the Easy Return Center from your account and follow the simple steps provided.

Or you can easily contact our Customer Care Center for your return if you don't have an account or cannot access your account.

You can return the order you are not satisfied with, and reorder another one using Modanisa coupon code to get an extra discount on your new order. 

What Are The Items That I Can't Return At Modanisa Store?  

Even though Modanisa store offers an easy return and exchange policy, you can never return or exchange some items. 

According to the return policy at Modanisa Store, some products can't be returned. And some conditions should be applied to every product, and here are these conditions: 

  • You can return the order within 60 days from the date of delivery. 
  • The order should be in its original packaging, unused, and labels should not be removed.
  • Some items can't be returned, such as Cosmetic and personal care products, underwear products, hygienic products (such as surgical masks), swimwear, and bikinis

How To Cancel My Order From Modanisa Store? 

You can easily cancel your order from Modanisa Store by contacting customer service and providing your order number. They will help you cancel your order. 

Remember that you can use the Modanisa coupon one more time to reorder another product to enjoy the enormous discount. Use the Modanisa coupon code that you will find here in renewed condition. 

How can I contact Modanisa customer service?

Modanisa offers one of the best and the fastest customer services, you can contact customer services if you face a problem with your product or you have some inquiries that are not shown in Modanisa website

Modanisa store offers many ways and methods so that you can contact customer service the way that suits you the most, and here are the available methods: 

Via Telephone Number: +1 (844) 724-5726 

Via Email Address:

Also, here are some more additional information about the headquarters of Modanisa store in Turkey 

  • Adress : Altunizade Mahallesi Kuşbakışı Cad. No:27/1 Üsküdar / İstanbul
  • Phone : 0216 474 74 99
  • Fax : 0216 474 52 30
  • E-Mail :