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Thanks to Like Card Code, you can buy all your favorite cars from your favorite store online and with the lowest prices ever,


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About Like Card Code

Like Card Code 

If you are a huge fan of buying cards online, Like Card store is what you are looking for. 

Like Card store is one of the most famous stores specialized in selling cards in a different field. 

The story of the Like Card store began in 2015, when it was first established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

Since then, the store gained nothing but wide popularity and became well known, especially in the Gulf Area. It became one of the top 30 applications used in Saudi Arabia. 

Thanks to Like Card Code, you can buy all your favorite cards from your favorite store online, and with the lowest prices ever, you can now use Like Card Code that you can find easily here on MENACOUPONS

If you are a huge fan of buying cards online, then Like Card store is the place that you are looking for. At Like Card Store, you can find A Lot of offers and great deals on different cards. You can also use Like Card Discount Code while purchasing your order online and get an extra discount on your order. 

Like Card discount code enables you to get different cards from different places like Google Play cards, Xbox cards, and PlayStation cards at low prices with a discount value of up to 50% upon purchase.

Like Card store provides enormous offers and discounts for all cards inside the platform, these cards have many great features that easily enable you to shop within the different platforms. You can also get a considerable discount when using the Like Card Coupon when purchasing any cards inside the platform.

Like Card store has made the shopping process of the card more accessible, as it provides an easy-to-use application that you can use on your phone whether it is IOS operating system or Android, you can easily download the application for free. Also, you can use Like Card Coupon while using the Like Card Application, and below you can find the links from which you can download the application. 

Download Like Card Application For Free   

To make it easier for the shoppers to get all their favorite cards, Now Like Card has launched its application so you can shop and get all that you want with only a touch on your screen. 

and here is how you can download Like Card Application for free from here: 

Download LikeCard Application For Free For Android

Download LikeCard Application For Free for iPhone

More Information About Like Card Store 

Since the beginning of Like Card store in 2015, it has been considered one of the essential platforms in online shopping. As it provides users with a large variety of cards such as Google Play, Steam, Zain, PlayStation, Xbox, and other cards at low prices, thanks to the great deals that the store offers now and then, and also due to the presence of Like Card Coupon Code that you can find here on MENACOUPONS that you can use and get an immediate discount. 

With the special LikeCard coupon, you can now buy what you need through different platforms with cards. You can get a huge discount using the Like Card discount code through the fantastic Like Card website and application.

What Are The Available Sections Like Card Store?

At Like Card Store, you can find different sections where you can surf and browse and find your favorite card from other stores, and here are some of the most essential sections at Like Card Store: 

Digital Stores: This section contains all the cards you need for the iTunes and Google Play platforms at very low prices. You can get them at a huge discount through the Like Card Discount Code.

Game Section: All purchase cards for PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Nintendo, GameStop, Razer, EA ORIGIN, Blizzard, and other distinctive cards.

Movies and Series: You can find the best cards for international platforms such as Netflix,, Stars Play, Shahid, Hulu, OSN, and Weak for movie and series lovers.

You can find other sections at Like Card stores like Games Card, Communication and Internet, and Music And Audio section where you can get Cards from different Music applications like Spotify, Anghami Plus, and much more. 

Remember that you can use the Like Card Discount Code when you purchase any card from these sections to get a massive discount on your order.  

What Are The Most Famous Brands I Can Find At Like Card store?

LikeCard store is undoubtedly one of the best online shopping stores with a great collection of the best purchase cards. The store provides all of these cards at an affordable price for all users. When purchasing, you can also get a special discount when using the LikeCard discount code. 

Down below, you can see all the famous brands that you can find at Like Card store:  

  • EA Sport
  • Microsoft
  • Dune
  • Anosh
  • Center Point
  • Play Station
  • Spotify
  • Netflix
  • OSN 
  • Google Play

What Are The Most Important Features Of Like Card Application? 

What makes Like Card online website or application lovable by all the customers is that it has a lot of features that you can never do without, and here are some of those features: 

  • Like Card Platform has a great design that is easy to use, and you can simply shop through it.
  • The blog is very excellent with good information.
  • The store provides an exceptional application that you can shop through.
  • The shipping service is more than perfect.
  • You can get huge discounts from inside the store.
  • You can get a special discount when using the Like card discount code.
  • Effective and distinctive purchase cards through which you can buy.
  • Safe and reliable payment methods for all users.
  • You can learn all new when subscribing to the newsletter service.
  • You can follow the store via social media to know everything new and special.

What Are The Available Payment Methods At Like Card Store?

LikeCard stores provide users with secure payment methods that suit all customers from all over the world. Down Below are different payment ways that you can choose from when purchasing your order from Like Card Store, and these payment methods are: 

  • Payment through Visa Card.
  • Payment through MasterCard.
  • Payment through Payfort.
  • Payment through PayPal.

Remember that you can choose the most suitable payment method to get cards from Like Card Store. Don't forget to use Like Card Coupon Code while purchasing your order before confirming it to get extra discounts on your purchased order. 

What Is The Expected Shipping Time For Like Card?

Like Card store is like no other store, as you will immediately receive your card that you just bought online on your phone or your email. That is the case if you prepaid by Visa Or PayPal.

However, if you paid through bank transfer, you shall receive your card after confirming the amount of the money. 

Remember that you can always use Like Card Code while purchasing your order online and enjoy the extra discount that you can get. Find Like Card Code on Menacoupons website quickly and constantly. 

What Countries Does Like Card Store Ship To?

You can enjoy your purchased cards from a different store that you buy from Like Card store if you live in the following countries: 

  • Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.
  • Kuwait.
  • UAE.
  • Lebanon.
  • Oman.
  • Morocco.
  • Egypt.
  • Iraq.

How To Contact Like Card Customer Care? 

You can contact the Like Card store at all times, through which you can inquire about anything, and the answer will be given immediately:

Contact us via the "Contact Us" page.