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Life Pharmacy is a pharmacy chain in uae, you can find medicines, beauty care products, mother and baby care products. medic


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About Life Pharmacy

About life pharmacy

The Covid period was a very tough time for the whole world and forced a lot of us to buy our needs online, including medicines. There was pressure on the medical sector doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies also.

Through all of this, Life pharmacy is trying to provide all the medicines, beauty care products, mother and baby care products, and supplements for their customers so they can find all they want in one place.

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Life pharmacy coupons

Life Pharmacy collaborates with many brands, and from time to another, it makes offers on some brands. Also, using the Life pharmacy promo code will give you a good discount. If it is your first order, don't forget to use the Life pharmacy discount code first order or Life Pharmacy coupon code.

Life pharmacy categories

You can find all that you want at a good price using the Life pharmacy coupon code, and it offers to take a look at all categories:

  • Beauty care: if you are searching for sun care, hair care, treatments, beauty supplements, facial skincare, or neutral & organic, all you need from these products are here. Just use the Life pharmacy code, and you will get a great deal.
  • Sports nutrition: if you are practicing sports, you will relate to these products: pre-workout and energy, vitamin and health, amino acid, weight loss, protein bars, drinks, sports accessories, and proteins.

Don't forget to ask about Life pharmacy protein offers.

  • Medicins: whether self-medications or kids and infants, medications all exist here.

Get all your medications using coupon code life pharmacy.

  • Personal care: all products about men's care, feminine care, oral care, bath & body care, hand & foot care, deodorants, accessories, and antiseptics. You can get a good price using a Life pharmacy discount coupon or Life Pharmacy offers.
  • Nutrition & supplement: some people think that balanced meals will get you all the food elements the body needs. But the fact that sometimes the body needs it with a defined quantity, so some people go to supplements. Whether you need vitamins, herbs or minerals, go and get them at a good price using promo code Life pharmacy.
  • Mother & baby care: taking care of a baby isn't an easy mission, and there are many things you will need to take care of. So buying all the needs from one place will save you effort and your time and also your money by using a Life pharmacy coupon code.
  • Makeup: All internationally trusted makeup brands are here; sometimes, Life pharmacy online offers to make it affordable.  

Get all your needs from one place at a good price using a Life pharmacy coupon.

How to get the latest Life pharmacy coupon code?

Checking the Life pharmacy website every once in a while, you will find all Life pharmacy discount code. Subscribe to the newsletter with your email, and you will receive all the latest news and all Life pharmacy coupon code.

Life pharmacy offers are shared on social media; follow them to get all the news.

How to use a Life pharmacy coupon?

You can use the Life pharmacy code at the checkout while completing the order to get your discount on the total price.

Life pharmacy features

  • Life pharmacy takes the pharmacy concept to a new level; besides medicine, you can find beauty care products, mother & baby care products, and home health care supplies, all at a good price if you use the Life pharmacy coupon code.
  • Life's pharmacy website has a blog that has many articles on different subjects about health and care routines.
  • Life Pharmacy collaborates with many international brands and makes offers on their products.
  • Using the Life pharmacy voucher code will give you a great discount on all items.

Payment ways

There are many ways to pay for orders in Life pharmacy:

  • Visa.
  • MasterCard.
  • American Express.

How does it take to receive my order?

It depends if the item is available or not and the location that it will be delivered to but overall Inside UAE, your order will take from 30 min to 48 hours.

Does the delivery charge change from one location to another, or is it fixed?

It depends on the weight and the destination of your order.

Refund policy

If you received a damaged item or a defective product, you have to return it within three days of receiving the order, and in return, you will get a refund, exchange, coupon for Life pharmacy, or Life pharmacy voucher.

How can I track my order?

The delivery company will contact you to make sure you are available to receive your order, and if there is a delay, they will contact you to reschedule the order for another work day. You will have to sign a receipt to receive your order. 

Life pharmacy application

Life pharmacy keeps its eyes on its customers and their needs, so it made an application to facilitate checking the website and following up on all the Life pharmacy offers.

Download it now and enjoy shopping by using the discount code life pharmacy:

Life Pharmacy contacts

Stay close and contact Life pharmacy to know all the latest news and all about life pharmacy online discount code on their social media: