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Lego sale is your biggest chance to increase your Lego collection and add new ones at a good price and enjoy your time.


Carefully selected offers

About Lego

About Lego

A common wish for many parents for their kids is to have fun and at the same time learn a new skill. It isn't easy to choose a toy for your kid as they get bored with all the toys in a short time.

Lego sale is your biggest chance to increase your Lego collection and add new ones at a good price.

What do you know about Lego Coupons?

It is very easy to get the latest Lego offers, just sign up for the Lego newsletter, and you will receive an email with all the latest news. If you make most of your orders online, then you should visit MenaCoupons to get all the latest coupon codes and vouchers for many stores. 

Lego categories

  • Theme Category: if you or your kid have a favourite theme and want your Lego to be in this theme. You will find a big collection of different themes.
  • Shop By Category: one important factor you should put into consideration is the age of the one that will use the Lego. So you can select the range of the age and if you want the range of the price to make it easy to get what you want. Use your Lego store promo code and get an extra discount on your order.
  • Interest Category: Lego is not just a brick or a puzzle. It is more than this; it cares about growing many soft skills like creativity, imagination, patience, and also having some fun. So your interests will affect your choice indeed and whatever your interests you can find a lego that matches them. Lego offers will be a good chance to check all the collections and choose what you are interested in more than the others.
  • Exclusive Category: this is for the lego big fans; an exclusive set exists here. Use your Lego VIP discount code for any of these legos at a good price.
  • New Category: all the new collections you will find here; check them, and if you have Lego promo code 2023, you will get it at a good price.

Check the Lego website, and use your LegoLand coupons to get a great deal.

How to get the latest Lego coupon?

Lego announces on their social media platforms all the latest news and offers, so you can easily get a lego discount code to use in your next order. Also, the Lego sale is a great chance to get all the sets you like at a good deal.

How to use the Lego discount coupon?

Make sure that the Lego promo code you have is not expired and that it is identical to the original one. Then take a look at the whole collection on the website, then add what you like to your cart, then add your Lego voucher and choose a suitable payment method, and that is all!

Lego features

  • Lego's best advantage is that anyone of any age can get it and enjoy playing with it.
  • Lego with kids grows their imaginations and creativity.
  • You can get the best Lego deals in the Lego sale.
  • The Lego customer service team is helpful; there are many ways to contact them. Choose what you like more, and they will help if you face any problem.
  • You have 14 days from receiving the order if you change your mind about returning the order.
  • Orders up to 250 SAR will get free shipping.
  • You can filter the results depending on price range or age.
  • With the Lego Promo code, you can get a discount of up to 10%.
  • Lego's website is designed to help you to choose your perfect Lego, you can choose it depending on your favourite themes and interests, and if you like exclusive sets, you will find them categorized.

Return policy

You have 14 days from receiving the order; the order must be new, unused, and in its original package.

How does it take to receive my order from Lego?

It takes between 3 and 7 working days. But if Lego is receiving a lot of orders or there is a holiday, it may take more days.

How much is the delivery fee?

It will be indicated depending on your location. Orders over 250 SAR will get free delivery.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can, but before the order is shipped. If the order is shipped, you can request a return.

How can I track my order?

As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number, so you can track your order.

How can I change my address after submitting the order?

Please contact Lego customer service with all your order details, and they will help you.

I have a Lego promo code, but it doesn't work! What should I do?

Make sure that your Lego Code is identical to the original and that the Lego promo code is not expired.

Payment methods with Lego

Lego tries to provide its customers with many ways to make the whole shopping process much easier and enjoyable, so let's take a look at the ways you can use to pay for your order:

  • Visa.
  • Master Card.
  • Credit Card.

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Lego Application

All the Lego discounts and the Lego clearance are available in the application, download it now and check all the updates:

Download the iPhone version from here.

Download the android version from here.

More Lego sale

Lego sale

If you didn't catch the Leo sale, don't be sad, as you can get a Lego promo code from MenaCoupons and not only for Lego Store; you will find many coupon codes for many online stores.

Lego offers

With Lego offers, you will have the chance to add more Legos to your own collection. Choose your Lego depending on your interests, age, and your favourite theme.

Lego promo code

Sharing is caring! So you can share your Legos with your beloved ones. And get a great discount if you use the Lego friends sale.