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Thanks to lacoste promo code, you can get your favorite wears and fashion from Lacoste and get it delivered to your doorstep at the lowest prices ever.


Carefully selected offers

About Lacoste

Lacoste Pormo Code

Many of us must have heard in advance about the French company Lacoste specializing in men's and women's clothing as well as the field of perfume industry.   Due to the company's interest in keeping up with the times, it has set up its own website to facilitate the procurement process and to make its various offers available to all individuals such as Lacoste promo code.

 This is why we have gathered some information about Lacoste that we hope will be useful to you in this article.

About Lacoste :-

As mentioned earlier, Lacoste is a French company specializing in the manufacture of ready-made garments and fragrances of various kinds. Lacoste first appeared printed on a sports shirt and was then the first brand to be clearly placed on a sports shirt.

What is the story of the famous Lacoste crocodile?

The story began with Rene Lacoste's  love of crocodile skin,

which coincidentally arrived in a journalist, who was nicknamed Rene  as The American Crocodile. Our famous crocodile's birth started in 1923. Rene Lacoste quickly embroidered his jackets with this symbol. Lacoste is the first brand to display its logo clearly above a piece of clothing. That's why Lacoste offers are always different from those of any other brand.

● About store coupon

Lacoste  follows a discount system to allow as many people as possible to shop through our site. The company  offers  you Lacoste vouchers and Lacoste coupons that will help you make shopping more enjoyable.

If you are a new customer shopping through our website for the first time you will get Lacoste promo code first order   as 10% discount on everything by using  Lacoste discount code GET10. During seasons and holidays you may receive Lacoste discount coupons  which may worth up to 50%.

Are there offers in Lacoste in the current period?

Yes, there are always lots of discounts in Lacoste all year round and on all products. Now if you want to buy men's shoes you will get Lacoste voucher code that will give you a reduction of up to 30% of the value of the product and a coupon code up to 40% of the value of other men's clothes and needs.

There are also discounts in women's departments ranging from 45% to 50% of the value of products.

● Store Categories:-

If you are shopping from Lacosteyou will find a variety of  in the departments that will help you get a lot of options and buy most of your requirements and family from the same place with guaranteed quality and values.

What categories are available through Lacoste Rene?

  • 1-Men's Needs Section

which includes everything that a man may need in his daily life or at work. From T-shirts, trousers and shorts to shirts, jackets and coats. This section also includes men's accessories from hats and socks as well as leather belts, perfumes and other men's supplies.

  • 2- Women's needs section

It is known that it is very difficult to provide enough women's needs in one place and that is what Lacoste is unique to others. Lacoste offers a women's section that includes all types of clothing that suit the tastes of all different women. We have dresses, skirts, coats, even sportswear, shoes and bags.

  • 3-Children's needs section

We did not forget about the children in Lacoste either, whether they are boys or girls, where we also offer them a special variety of clothes that provide you with the best possible options for them.

● How to get latest coupon for Lacoste?

Discounts and coupons are often linked to annual events and seasons. For example, since we are now in Ramadan, you may receive coupons up to 40% or 50% on request from all Lacoste departments. Upon request from the Polo section you will get up to 15% discount that is not inclusive of effectively discounted products.

Lacoste also offers various packages of changing coupons for different sections throughout the year as well as always allowing customers to enjoy shopping all year round at the lowest possible cost.

● How to use coupons in Lacoste?

 Many men and women go shopping through the Lacoste site, providing fashionable, stylish, colorful and unique clothing models. Here are the steps to use Lacoste's coupon politics:-

  1. You should first choose the model that is in line with your personal taste.
  2. Select the right size for you.
  3. Press up, add to the bag.
  4.  Press over, shopping bag.
  5. Paste the discount code into the display code box, then press over application, and at the end, press, confirm the purposes, as you can log in, to check, the special offers.

(With that in mind, Lacoste website provides quick returns, with free delivery, and secure payment.)

● The features of Lacoste store

1-The store is one of the most prominent brands around the world in the clothing market.

2-The store displays many products such as clothes, trousers, shoes, leather bags and also some fragrances.

3-Secure payment methods that customers can purchase. Easy and free return of products.

4-The site is available in Arabic and English to ensure convenience for all categories in shopping.

5-Lacoste offers free shipping services on some products as well.

Why should I shop from Lacoste Rene?

Our customers can shop anywhere around the world. We are keen in Lacoste to get customers an easy and convenient buying experience.

Are there special features in Lacoste products?

Yes, Lacoste's products feature perfect 100%  guaranteed ores along with attractive designs.

What is the delivery details in Lacoste?

The store sends the order delivery date in a message to your email.

Delivery takes place on all weekdays except Saturday and Friday in Egypt.

  • If the products delivered are customized, they will be shipped within 15 days.
  • Delivery in Lacoste may be up to 30 days due to special circumstances.
  • When delivering products you have to sign by receiving the shipping company's representative.
  • Orders are shipped free of charge if their value is above 990 pounds.
  • There is also an additional fee of EGP 80 on the order which is worth less than EGP 990.
  • The store also has the right to charge more when shipping to some places.

What is the Payment system in Lacoste?

The website provides you with payment in the following ways:

  • Credit card

Lacoste allows you to pay through the following cards:



                American Express

No money will be deducted from the card until your order has been confirmed. This process includes an additional security rate during the check-out.

  • Payment upon receipt

If you do not own a credit card, you can pay through it, in this case you can choose the payment service upon receipt, but this service has an additional fee added according to the currency of the country in which the order is received.

(Always remember that if your order is worth more than 990EGP you will get a free delivery code from Lacoste.)

Does Lacoste have a return policy?

Yes, there is a return policy in Lacoste. The store allows you to return products for free within 14 days from the date of receipt, the products must be in their original condition with the return of all packaging materials, user manual, labels and others.

How to Return at Lacoste Online?

So you can return the products follow these steps:

  1. Open your account on the site.
  2. Click on (cash back registration).
  3. Choose the products you wish to return.
  4. When you register your cash back you will receive your call the next day in order to decide when to receive the returns.
  5. Delivery of the order in its original packaging and the shipping company will provide the return sticker on the day of receipt of the return package.
  6. Upon arrival of the package, you will be notified by email.
  7. After returning the products the refunds are made by the same way as the payment was made.

Note: In case you have paid the credit card, the money will be deposited in your card again. If you pay by paying at the time of receipt, your products will be refunded by a creditor electronic notification, knowing that this notice is valid up to 90 days of return.

●Lacoste Store App Download:-

So far, an alternative application for purchasing from Lacoste has not been officially announced and online purchases are still limited to Lacoste website only. The site offers an easy integrated service for all users.