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ElMenus Promo Code

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Elmenus Application has made everything only one click away, you can now get all what you want with only a click of a button on your screen.


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About ElMenus Promo Code

ElMenus Promo Code 

What is better than knowing that you can order the food that you want whenever, and wherever you want? 

Elmenus Application has made everything only one click away, you can now get all what you want with only a click of a button on your screen, all of that with the lowest prices and great deals only if you used ElMenus Promo Code while purchasing your order. 

Elmenus app is your guide to the largest chain of restaurants in Egypt. Through ElMenus application you can get your food order where you are in Egypt. All you have to do is choose your favorite food, and get it at a very discounted price using the ElMenus Promo Code. 

When you use Promo Code ElMenus, you can get a huge discount on the original meal price, up to 30%. Just choose the governorate and place, choose your favorite restaurant and favorite food, and upon completing the order confirmation and payment, copy El Menus Promo Code and enjoy the great discount on your meal. 

More Information About El Menus 

Elmeus application was first launched in 2011 in Egypt, to provide its services to every one who is living in Egypt wherever they live. 

Elmenus application is one of the most famous food applications in Egypt, thanks to its easy to use application and  website, as well as the ability of using El Menus PromoCode while ordering your favorite meal. You can easily find ElMenus Promo Code at MENACOUPONs website. 

ElMenus enables you to easily and quickly reach and communicate with the restaurant in your area or governorate, and get all your favorite foods and meals for you, your friends and family members at the lowest price by using Elmenus Promo Code, in addition to having elmenus offers on all orders from restaurants.

You can download the ELMenus Application for free and start having your favorite food delivered to your doorstep, with the lowest prices ever, and don’t forget to use ElMenus PromoCode while ordering your food. 

Down below you can find the links that you can download the ElMenus Application from, totally for free. 

Download El Menus Application For Free 

You can easily download ElMenus Application for free from here: 

Download Elmenus Application For Android

Download Elmenus Application  for iPhone

Don’t forget to use El Menus Promo Code while ordering your favorite meal and enjoy the great discounts that can be up to 50% off. 

What Are The Available Sections At El Menus? 

Within the Elmenus website and application, these sections are available to search in a simpler and faster way. Get to know them now: 

Dine Out : At this section, the application is helping you to discover some of the hidden gems in your area, if you are planning to dine out. For example you can search for the type of food you want, and the budget you are setting and much more. 

You can also use ElMenus Promo Code while choosing to dine out to enjoy the great discount on your meal. 

Delivery: At this section, you can now learn about restaurants that provide a door-to-door delivery service through this section from within the application. You can also get your order at a very discounted price though using ElMenus Promo Code.

Try it now and enjoy the strongest discounts in addition to the application. Find meal prices through elmenus offers.

When ordering from one of the most suitable and preferred restaurants for you, from within the elmenus app, you must use ElMenus Promo Code before confirming the payment.

What Is The Delivery Cost Inside El Menus? 

Delivery is made with a small fee, and the customer is informed of it when the order is completed and confirmed from within the application or website, before confirming the payment.

How To Pay Through El Menus?

Through the elmenus app, you can pay and get the highest discount rate on all your orders by using ElMenus Promo Code, where you can pay by the following methods

  • Pay Credit Card, Visa, MasterCard. 
  • Pay Cash On Delivery. 

You must use the Elmenus Promo Code to get an effective discount on the original order price.

What is the delivery time inside El Menus?

Delivery will be made as soon as possible and you will be notified of the exact time while confirming the order, according to the address in which it is located.

How To Contact El Menus Customer Service? 

You can easily contact ElMenus Customer service through the following Email: 

Contact by email: orders@elmenus.com 

Contact Via Phone: +20 2 22678900