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Damas Jewellery offers a good chance to own your favorite pieces and choose your presents for your beloved ones.


Carefully selected offers

About Damas Jewellery

About Damas jewellery

Over many years gold never loses its position as a valuable present that never gets old and never loses its meaning. Sometimes all you need is a Simple and personalized piece that represents you and the person you give.

Damas jewellery tries to meet this need and provide their clients with a simple and personalized with highly remarkable craftsmanship. Use Damas gold offer to get your favorite piece now!  

Diamond is a precious stone and eye-catching; just one stone can make a classic ring into a classy one. Get your first one using 

Damas diamond offer.

About Damas jewellery coupon

Damas jewellery offers a good chance to start collecting your favorite pieces from Damas. Also, using the Damas jewellery discount coupon will give you a good discount.

Damas jewellery Categories

Check the Damas jewellery website before visiting the offline store to be aware of all collections to minimize the choices. Let's take a quick look:

  • jewellery: includes rings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, and watches. You can also shop by defining the receiver as a woman or a kid. You also want 18K gold, 22k collections, diamonds, colored stones, or pearls. Just use the Damas jewellery voucher, and you will have a good deal.
  • Our collections: choose between timeless classic or voguish trends that you like most and use the Damas jewellery code.
  • International brands: Damas jewellery doesn't show only its own collections; they also have international brands like Graff, Djula, Fope, Leo Pizzom, Elie Saab, and many others. Damas jewellery offers a good opportunity to explore these brands and buy what you like at a good price.
  • Gifts & occasions: gold is one of the most valuable presents to give or to receive; Damas jewellery knows that very well, so they specify this section to meet this need, and Damas jewellery offers a big collection with good prices to satisfy their clients.

Check the Damas jewellery website and use Damas gold offer to have a great deal.

How to get the latest coupon code?

With your email, subscribe to the Damas jewellery mailing list, and you will get all Damas jewellery offers and the Damas jewellery coupon code. Also, check the website and their social media will help you to get all Damas jewellery discounts.

How to use Damas jewellery coupons?

Once you have the Damas jewellery promo code, you are free to buy whatever you want with a good discount and enter it in the checkout while finishing the order.

Damas jewellery features

Whether you like gold or diamond, you will find here your piece

  • Simple and craftsmanship pieces.
  • Using Damas gold offer will give you a good discount on any golden piece.
  • Having a Damas jewellery discount code will give you a good deal on any piece.
  • You can discuss your choice and your favorites with one of Damas's jewellery team.
  • You can have your personalized piece whether you want it gold or diamond.

Enjoy shopping from Damas jewellery and use the Damas jewellery voucher code.

Damas jewellery's additional services

Damas jewellery cares about its customers and wants them to be sure and confident of the pieces they buy, so they offer additional services to help them in making the right decision:

  1. You can visit the store for 60 min and talk with a member of the Damas team.
  2. If you like, you can have a 30 min appointment on the phone with one of Damas' team.
  3. A video call is also an option if you like to book.

Choose the way you like and benefit from Damas jewellery's offers to complete your collection.

Exchange policy

Within 30 days of buying:

  • Golden jewellery: you can exchange it with gold, diamond, or a voucher with the same value as the item in the invoice.
  • Diamond jewellery: you can exchange with a diamond or voucher with the same value as the item in the invoice.

After 30 days of buying:

  • Golden jewellery: you can exchange it with gold, diamond, or voucher after deducting manufacturing value and stone weight.
  • Diamond jewellery: you can exchange a diamond after deducting manufacturing value without exceeding 25% of the invoiced amount, and the value of the newly chosen diamond piece should exceed the old one.

Important conditions

Here are some notes you should put into your consideration too:

  1. The jewellery you want to exchange within 30 days must be brand new and with its original status and not used.
  2. You should have the original invoice from Damas.
  3. You can exchange only one time within 30 days.
  4. Evaluating the jewellery you want to exchange or promote or even return can take four working days.
  5. Gold jewellery can be exchanged for gold or diamond jewellery.
  6. Diamond jewellery can be exchanged with only diamonds.
  7. You can return the value within seven days from the buyer if there is manufacturing damage or exchange.
  8. If the return is accepted, any fees of the transaction will be dedicated.
  9. Watches, perls, and personalized pieces aren't included in Damas's promise.
  10. The return and exchange only be in the country of purchase.

Damas jewellery contacts

Damas jewellery offers all updates which are published on their social media; follow them to keep updated.