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cos is a fashion brand that has a huge collection for men, women and kids.


Carefully selected offers

About COS

About COS

We must admit that the coronavirus changed everything and affected all online shopping positively because it dispenses a lot of people from going to the store and searching for what they want, and who knows how long this process could take.

This pandemic also makes many stores care about their website and make them user-friendly to ease the shopping process and to show their products in the best way because they also realize that their website is their window to the world and it can change all the demand for the products.

COS identifies its pieces as timeless designs; they know that fast fashion is the most common now in the world, and they compete with their excellent quality and reasonable price.

COS treats the clothes as an investment, not season wear so you can notice the mancraftship in the piece. COS discounts are a good deal to have your favorite piece at a very good price.

About COS Coupon

COS has customers worldwide, and they try to please all of them with quality and price as they have a COS discount. Also, if it is your first order, you will get 10% off.

COS Categories

Looking at COS, you will quickly notice that these pieces are not identical in the other stores. The high quality is remarkable. You can pick up your favorite piece using the COS Promo code, or even if you have a COS voucher, this will enable you to buy what you want at a good price.

COS is categorized into many section

  • Sale: During COS Offer, you will find all the pieces in sale in this section.
  • New Arrival: From its name, you will find here all the new collections and the recently arrived pieces, whether it is men, women, or kids.
  • Women: COS has stores all over the world, so when you open the website, you will choose the country you want to ship to, and the website will show you the collection of the season, and you will be lucky if there is a COS discount and you have the COS Promotion code.
  • Men: You can choose what you are specifically searching for, whether t-shirts, accessories, or the main collection. Having a COS voucher code will give you a good deal.

Go and Check the COS discount now and start having your own collection!

How to get COS's latest coupon?

There are many ways you can enjoy a COS discount

  1. You can subscribe to the mailing list by email, and you will know all about the COS discount.
  2. You can check the website from one time to another and keep updated with all about the COS Promo code.
  3. In black Friday, You can have a deal if you have a COS discount code besides the usual offers.

COS wants to satisfy all their customers; even if there were an offer, there is a COS discount voucher they can use.

How to use Cos Coupons?

If you have a COS store coupon, you can use it while checking out the order or if you have a COS shipping code, you may get free delivery.

If your order exceeds a specific limit, you will have free delivery so you can encourage your friends and buy together using the COS store promo code.

Store Features

COS isn't an ordinary clothes brand. It takes the whole industry byond this. 

  • COS pieces are mancraftship; they ensure that every piece lasts beyond the season.
  • COS deals with its product as an investment. It is not fast fashion; it is for you and the next generation, so you can resell it or buy others.
  • COS materials are almost sustainably resourced, and the goal is to be 100%.

Enjoy all these features and more at a good price using COS Coupon or COS Code.

Delivery Policy

COS can deliver your order to your home or if you like to ship your order to an offline store. Each way has its delivery fees.

How can I track my order?

You will receive a link to your email as soon as your order is packed, and this link will enable you to track it.

Can I return any pieces?

Of course, you can. You can return it as it is in the original package and within 14 of the delivery with the invoice.

COS Voucher doesn't work. What should I do?

You should make sure that the spelling is correct and that there are no extra spaces.

Please Notice That any promotion code will be used only one time so make sure of your order and payment way.

Payment ways

Here are many ways to pay for COS:

  • Visa.
  • MasterCard.
  • Cash on delivery.

What can make my order to be canceled?

  1. If you cancel your order, you will receive an email of confirmation.
  2. If the delivery can't reach your location.
  3. If the payment fails for any reason.
  4. If you don't receive the order from the store within 14 days.

What about the exclusive online pieces?

There are some pieces in the collection available online only and not in offline stores.

COS Contacts 

You can Follow up on all COS news and COS discount on their social media: