Centrepoint Promo Code

Centrepoint Promo Code

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Centrepoint is one of the stores that have many coupons and provide many coupons the customers, you can find several Centrepoint promo codes on our website


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About Centrepoint Promo Code

Centrepoint Promo Code

Who doesn't know the famous CentrePoint store? 

Centrepoint is one of the most famous and well-known stores in the Arab world and the middle east. 

At MENACOUPONS, Centrepoint is one of the stores with many coupons and provides many coupons, deals, and offers to the customers. You can find several Centrepoint promo codes on our website. 

Use CentrePoint Prom Code, and make the shopping experience much better. 

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Download CentrePoint Application For Free 

Along with the great experience of shopping that you can get from surfing the CentrePoint website, Centrepoint store has made the shopping experience easier for you by launching the amazing CentrePoint Application. 

With the help of Centrepoint Application, Centrepoint store has facilitated the purchase and shopping process. This application is available completely free of charge for both Andriod and iPhone devices. 

You can now download the application for free from the below links: 

Download Centrepoint app for Android

Download Centrepoint App for iPhone

You can also use Centrepoint Coupon Code while purchasing your order from the CentrePoint Application to get extra discounts on your order. 

More Information About CentrePoint Store 

Taste varies from person to person for many reasons, especially when getting clothes or accessories. 

This is why Centrepoint store provides us with all the tastes that the consumer is looking for, as this online website contains products for the most significant international fashion stores in the Middle East and among the most important international brands included in the store "Lifestyle - Splash - Babyshop - Shoemart. 

There are a lot of sales outlets for this store, and their number reaches 140 stores in the following countries: Egypt, Jordan, Oman, the Arab Gulf states, and Lebanon, where the store has a powerful presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

The store includes all family necessities as it contains different categories of fashion: men's fashion – women's fashion – children's fashion.".

There are also many departments such as cosmetics and home décor. 

Centrepoint became one of the biggest "superbrands" in 2012 when the World Branding Corporation officially announced it as a tribute to the excellence that the store has been offering over the years.

The store offers high-quality products belonging to famous international brands in all circles; the store provides super discounts continuously throughout the year in addition to the Centrepoint discount code, which provides users with huge discounts on all products within the Centrepoint platform.

What Departments Are Available At Centrepoint?

Centrepoint store contains many different products and categories of the most well known international brands, and down below we will mention some of the departments that are found at the Centrepoint online website: 

Women's Fashion Department: It provides women with all the pieces they need to complete their appearance elegantly.

You can use Centrepoint Promo Code while purchasing your order and enjoy the great discounts and huge offers. 

Men's Fashion Department: It provides men with all the necessary pieces to make them look perfect through a range of good quality pieces. 

Children's Fashion Department: This Section contains all kinds of children's fashion of all ages.

Baby & Toys Section: This store serves the category of mothers who are always looking for the best for their children, here you will find the best clothes for children and all the things they need during the day.

Cosmetic Section: You can find all the 100% original cosmetics products in this section. You can get all the cosmetics you want at the lowest prices ever if you use Centrepoint Discount Code while purchasing your order. 

Home and Living Section: This contains all the household necessities through which the house appears beautifully.

Each of the previous sections offers many categories with products from international brands; you can visit the site and shop easily to enjoy the best buying experience, copy the Centrepoint Coupon Code and get an extraordinary discount.

What are the most important international brands that you can find at Centrepoint?

Centrepoint offers you a lot of high-end fashion designed by the most luxurious international brands.

And here are the most important and famous brands that you can find at CentrePoint: 


Baby shop



Vero Moda




2 Extreme


What Are The Most Important FeaturesAt Centre Point Store? 

Besides the great offers that the store has, there are some essential features at the store, and here are some of the features: 

  • The store offers a unique and easy-to-use website and application. 
  • The store offers a unique shipping service, through which it delivers products to the customer quickly.
  • Good customer service, always striving to satisfy the customer and solve all of their problems.
  • The store provides excellent and continuous discounts throughout the year on all products.
  • The customer can also use the Centrepoint code to get a huge discount.
  • Multiple secure payment methods make the user feel more assured.
  • The user can return the product within 14 days from the date of receipt if they didn't like the product. 
  • The store is organized in a very nice way that enables you to browse easily.
  • You can learn everything new by subscribing to the store's mailing newsletter.

What Are The Available Payment Methods At Centrepoint Store?

Centrepoint cares about nothing but the customer's satisfaction, and that is why Centrepoint offers any trusted and reliable methods for payment. The site provides many different payment methods where you can pay via:

  • Payment by Visa Card.
  • Payment by MasterCard.
  • Payment through PayPal.
  • Payment through eBay.
  • Payment by MADA.

It is possible to pay cash on delivery, which some customers prefer.

Before completing the purchase, make sure to choose the most suitable payment method for you. You must use the Centrepoint discount code to get a significant discount on all products inside the store.

What is The Expected Delivery Time At Centrepoint?

Suppose you shop and order products before 3:30 pm from Saturday to Thursday. In that case, the order will be delivered to you the next day. Still, if you place the order on Friday or after 3:30 pm from Saturday to Thursday, the products will be delivered within two or three days of ordering.

You can always use the Centrepoint Promo Code while purchasing your order to get an extra discount. 

What is the cost of delivery at Centrepoint?

The store provides free delivery of products if the order value is more than 100 Saudi riyals. Still, if the value of the order is less than 100 Saudi riyals, the delivery cost will be 10 Saudi riyals on order.

There is an additional fee when choosing the cash-on-receipt method on all orders. The payment fee on the receipt is 17 SAR.

You can always use the Centrepoint Coupon Code while purchasing your order to get an extra discount or compensate for the shipping fee's value. 

Can I track an order inside a Centrepoint store?

Yes, you can easily track your order from CentrePoint, and here is how you can track your order from Centre Point. 

Centrepoint allows you to track your order through mail messages or through text messages that reach you through your smartphone.

You can do so by following the link sent to your email or your phone. 

How can I contact Centerpoint customer service?

The site provides the best customer service ever.

Centrepoint's customer service is very distinctive and is always available to answer all inquiries and complaints by customers. Customer service can be contacted in one of the following ways:

By phone by calling the following number "800-1111027".

Contact via email: support@centrepointstores.com