Carrefour Promo Code

Carrefour Promo Code

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What is better than having all your essential needs in one place? Carrefour store will make your shopping experience more enjoyable


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About Carrefour Promo Code

Information about Carrefour Store  

Carrefour store is one of the largest and most well-known online stores worldwide. At Carrefour store, you can find different products and exclusive grocery products, among other essential products your home needs. 

Carrefour store is well known for its daily and seasonal offers so that you can purchase your products at the least prices. In addition to the offers, you can check our website MENACOUPONS, for more Carrefour Codes that you can use while purchasing your order to get you discounts that can be up to 30%. 

More Informatin About Carrefour Store

When Was Carrefour Store Launched?  

Carrefour was first launched in 1995 by UAE-based Majid Al Futtaim. Now it has more than a branch in 30 countries across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia and wholly owns the operations in the region. 

Today, Majid Al Futtaim operates over 320 Carrefour stores in 16 countries, serving more than 750,000 customers daily and employing over 37,000 colleagues.

There are more than 12,225 carrefour around the world. You can buy different products at affordable prices if you use Carrefour Code while purchasing your order. 

Carrefour operates different store formats, including online offerings, to meet the customer's growing needs. You can enjoy a fantastic and easy shopping experience at the online platform and use the Carrefour Coupon Code to get more discounts on your buying products. 

Carrefour offers a variety of choices of more than 500,000 food and non-food products. A locally inspired superior customer experience creates great moments for everyone every day during their shopping experience, huge discounts every day that the store offers, and your ability to use Carrefour Discount Code while purchasing your order to get more discounts. 

Information About Carrefour Promo Code

What is better than having all your essential needs in one place? 

Carrefour store will make your shopping experience more enjoyable. You will get what you want from food, beverage, clothes, and baby products in one place. With the most affordable prices ever, thanks to Carrefour Promo code, you will find it here on MENACOUPONS website that will give you more discounts on your products. 

With Carrefour Promo Code, you can get the best discounts, offers, and the latest discounts when you purchase from the store using this Carrefour Discount Code

Carrefour Promo Code is effective on all the products you can find in the store, and there are many discount codes that the store offers. 

By browsing our website, you will discover great discount codes that you can use while shopping online on Carrefour website or through the application. You can easily use Carrefour Promo Code while purchasing your order to get more discounts and enjoy the lowest prices for high-quality products. 

What Are The Available Categories At Carrefour?

Carrefour's website contains several sections through which you can shop for the best products and get the strongest offers and discounts. The most important of these sections are:

  • Food and Beverage Category: 

This category brings together a group of groceries that the home frequently needs, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, butter oils, and other grocery products.

  • Home Category:

This section contains all the supplies that are needed at every home. You can get all you want at the lowest prices through the amazing Carrefour Coupon

  • Beauty And Health Category: 

This section provides a collection of the best cosmetics, skin, and hair care tools bearing the names of the largest brands. These products are at the lowest prices through the incredible Carrefour Coupon. 

  • Baby World Category:

This section includes all children's items such as toys and care tools and food and baby food.

  • Pet Center Category: 

This section includes all of the best pet products. 

Remember that you can always use Carrefour Code at any of these sections and get more discounts on your order. 

How To Get The Latest Carrefour Promo Code

To know how to chop through carrefour application or the website, all you have to do is to follow the following steps:  

  • Log in to the store so you can shop as a user. 
  • You can either shop through the website or the application. 
  • Shop as you like inside the Carrefour store and start shopping among a distinguished group of the best products, or search for a specific product through the search bar and then click “Proceed to pay.”
  • You will be automatically taken to the payment completion page, through which you can use Carrefour Discount Code, which enables you to get instant discounts.
  • Enter the essential required information, name, address, etc., to deliver the order successfully.
  • You will receive a message containing the Carrefour code for the order with the delivery date.

Carrefour Store Features  

Many of the Carrefour store's features provide to users, and here are some of the most important features inside the store.

  • Carrefour is a one-stop shop that includes all the products that the customer may need. 
  • The store offers many discounts and deals that attract most of the customers. 
  • You can also use Carrefour Coupon that you can find on MENACOUPONS website updated and renewed. 
  • The store offers fantastic customer service to help all the customers with their inquiries. 
  • The store's design is simple and easy, enabling you to shop easily. 
  • The store has an exceptional application that you can shop through.
  • Subscribe to the store's newsletter to receive all that is new.
  • You can follow the Carrefour store on social media to receive everything that is exclusive and to know all the news. 

What is the shipping time inside the Carrefour store?

If Carrefour is known for one thing, then it is high-speed delivery. 

Saudi Arabia

If you order a product at 12 am, it will arrive at 2 pm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


While the delivery period within the Arab Republic of Egypt ranges between 7 and 10 days from the date of purchase.

United Arab Of Emirates

The delivery service within the United Arab Emirates is very distinctive and fast, as delivery to any place is immediate, except for heavy equipment, which may take a day or two.

Carrefour Delivery Policy

Carrefour offers its customers free and fast delivery service for orders above 100 riyals. 

As for orders less than 100 riyals, the delivery fees will not exceed 15 riyals. 

What Are The Available Payment Methods At Carrefour Store? 

Carrefour gives its customers the ability to pay online with safety and security, as you can use any of the following payment methods: 

  • Payment through MasterCard.
  • Pay by Visa Card.
  • Pay through American Express.
  • Pay with Carrefour Gift Cards.
  • Pay with loyalty coupons.
  • Pay through mada.
  • Paiement when receiving.

Remember that you can use Carrefour Coupon Code while purchasing your order. 

Carrefour Store Return and Exchange Policy

Suppose there was an error with your order. In that case, you can return your order within three days for electronic devices, under one condition, returning the products in the same condition that you received them in. 

Based on this, the product will be replaced or refunded within seven days. Either product purchased through the website can be returned and/or exchanged by hand receipt or direct delivery to the nearest Carrefour.

As for all the united Arab Of Emirates residents, you can get free shipping on your order if it costs more than 150 dirhams. 

However, you can always use the Carrefour Promo Code to compensate for the delivery fees and still enjoy the lowest prices. 

Download Carrefour Application For Free 

The Carrefour store provides easy service and a unique shopping experience by providing Carrefour application that can be downloaded for Android and iPhone operating systems. 

Here are the links that you can download the application from:  

Download Carrefour Application for Android For Free 

Download Carrefour Application for iPhone For Free 

Carrefour Code

One of the most significant discounts that we can get is the Carrefour Code. 

Use Carrefour Code now and enjoy discounts on all of your products that could reach 30% off. 

Carrefour Coupon

You can use Carrefour Coupon if you live in Saudi Arabia. Enjoy the huge discount you can get if you use Carrefour Coupon while purchasing your order from the website or the application.

Carrefour Coupon Code

Of course, everyone is fully aware of what carrefour offers now and then. Still, now you can use Carrefour Coupon Code while purchasing your order to get an extra discount on your purchase.