Cairo Cart Discount Code

Cairo Cart Discount Code

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You can find Cairo Cart Discount Code among many other discount codes at MENACOUPONS.


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About Cairo Cart Discount Code

Cairo Cart Discount Code 

If you are looking for a place to get all the electronic appliances with the lowest prices ever, and high quality products, then Cairo Cart is your place. 

At Cairo Cart Store you can find all the home appliances from refrigerators, washing machines, stoves, and electric ovens, all of that with the lowest prices ever, just if you used Cairo Card Discount Code while purchasing your order. You can find Cairo Cart Discount Code among many other discount codes at MENACOUPONS

What makes Cairo Cart different from any other store is that you can buy all your products from the online store without the need to visit one of the Cairo Cart branches. You can get all what you want with only a click of a button, and get your order delivered to your doorstep with the lowest prices ever, if you use the Cairo Cart Discount Code

More Information About Cairo Cart Store 

Whatever your demand or desire to buy, and whatever your modern home is missing, you will find it in the Cairo Cart store.Cairo Cart Store is a pioneer  in selling all home belongings from furniture, furnishings and appliances at the best prices and the highest quality. You can get all the  great seasonal discounts on entering schools with a purchase discount of up to 60% through Cairo Cart Discount Code. 

Cairo Cart is considered one of the best Egyptian stores specialized in selling electronic devices, electrical tools, home furnishings, storage bags and units for home storage, and other products, each of which has a dedicated section to facilitate the purchase process for the customer with ease and smoothness while dealing with the online store.

Cairo Cart is always offering deals and discounts, and especially on famous occasions like the end of the year or the beginning of the school, and many other occasions. Do not miss your chance to get your discount from Cairo Cart and get their products with the lowest prices only if you used the Cairo Cart Discount Code. 

Cairo Cart Store is an Egyptian store that was established in 2015 by Cairo Cart Company, and it has many branches Inside Egypt, as well as their presence online through the Cairo Cart Online website from which you can get all the products that you wish for with the lowest prices due to the great discounts that you can find on the website. 

The store provides you with multiple options during purchase, as it deals with many brands of hardware makers around the world such as Samsung, Toshiba, HP, Zanussi, Apple, and other large companies in name and quality.

What Is The Delivery Time Inside Cairo Cart Store?

Beside the great discounts that you can find on the Cairo Cart online website, it is very well known for its great and fast delivery service. 

As for the time of the delivery of the shipment to all parts of the Arab Republic of Egypt, it can take from 1 to 5 working days. 

You can also get a delivery on the same day of the order through Express Shipping, but through that you have to pay extra money. 

As for the Delivery costs and shipping fees it varies from one governorate to another, according to the governorate’s distance from the Cairo Cart store’s headquarters.

Delivery of furniture, furnishings and heavy appliances may take more time than normal shipments, it can reach 15 or 25 days inside the store and it is not late for that.

But remember that you can always use the Cairo Cart Coupon Code while purchasing your order to get an extra discount on your whole shipment while receiving it. 

What Are The Available Sections At Cairo Cart Store? 

At Cairo Cart Store you can find different sections, and here are the available section from which you can order your desired item and product: 

Large Home Appliances Section

In this section you can find all the lare home appliances such as: refrigerators, washing machines, stoves, microwaves, air conditioners, electric ovens, coffee and espresso makers, and dishwashers, all of which are from different brands that are famous in the world of appliance industry.

Built in Section 

It is a section specialized in selling all built-in accessories such as hoods and hobs, complete sets of built-in ovens from different brands such as Princeton, Alba, Ecomatic and others.

Small Appliances Section 

Here you can find all home luxuries from small appliances such as potato makers, mini ovens, automatic vacuum cleaners, fryers and grills, blenders, choppers, mincers, coffee makers and packages and other small appliances.

TV & Audio Section 

It is a section specialized in selling television screens of various sizes and sound emitting devices such as large and small DJs, headphones for electronic devices and wired and wireless headphones, from brands Samsung, LG, Tornado, Toshiba and Ultra.

Furniture and Decor Section

You can get all the furnishings for your home from carpets and rugs, furniture such as TV units and complete room units for adults and children, home decorations, lighting, beds and cupboards, curtains and beanbags, desks, and modern bathroom accessories.

Power Tools Section

In this section you can find all the tools that you can use if you are working the the trade, as you can find al the Power Tools that you can use if you are  an electronics, or if you are working in carpentry or plumbing, such as electrical and measuring tools, safety and risk equipment, hand tools, bags and storage units for many scattered items.

What Is The Return And Exchange Policy At Cairo Cart Store? 

Cairo Cart Store offers one of the easiest ways so that you can return your products, as return and replacement requests are accepted within the store, for whatever reason, whether from the customer or by the store.

Cairo Cart store gives a machine to return or exchange orders within 100 full days of receiving the order.

Products are actually replaced and returned within 14 days of delivery of the products to the company.

The customer bears the shipping cost when returning orders if there is no reason on the part of the company, and the store bears the cost if there is obvious damage to the products or the wrong product was sent.

How To Pay Through Cairo Cart Store?

You can get all the products and devices through Cairo Cart Store and pay safely through the following payment methods: 

  • Cash on delivery for small devices only.
  • Payment by bank cards or debit cards.
  • Payment through the installment service through an Egyptian bank.
  • Payment by bank transfer.

How To Contact  Cairo Cart Customer Service? 

You can contact the Cairo Cart Customer Service  any time through the following Communication methods: 

  • Call the number: 44331 999 010
  • Contact via the Contact Us Page on the website