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With the Booksvenue coupon code, you will get all the books you need from many categories at a discounted price, and if your order exceeds 100 AED, you will get a free delivery!


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About Booksvenue

About Booksvenue store

The effect of Inflation has expanded in the last few years to almost all aspects of our lives and, of course, reached entertaining ways; this makes you think a lot before making any decision. 

The good side of this crisis is that it helped all of us to enjoy ourselves with the minimum limits, and you don't need all that sparks to have a good time.

Reading is one of these entertaining hobbies that will never lose its position as it is the original. Library for the book lover is like heaven; you have many books, many choices, and you can just stay here forever.

Booksvenue coupon code is your best choice to choose from 14 million books, but that is not everything! You will get your book anywhere around the world as soon as possible.

What do you know about Booksvenue coupons?

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Booksvenue sections

Shop by category Section: sometimes you have many books in your library, but you don't think you are in the mood to read any of them. With Booksvenue discount coupon, you can choose your next book by the theme you like and get all you need at a discounted price.

New Releases Section: Booksvenue discount is your gate to get any new release books at a reasonable price; check this section and add all the books you think you will love to read to your cart.

Thrillers Section: if you have the experience of reading a book that turned into a movie, you will notice the difference. The books never lose this point as it gives you a great imagination and they can be more exciting than any movie. You can now Dive into this incredible library and get what will excite you the most, dear user.

Best Seller Section: you are making your new list of books and want some suggestions. This is a collection of best-seller books for some customers around the world; you might be interested in checking it out. Add whatever you want to your cart, and don't worry about the price, as you will get a great discount if you apply the coupon Booksvenue at the checkout.

Coming Soon Section: This section is for book lovers or the fans of some writers who are waiting for their new releases.

Box Set Section: if you are searching for a specific set and can't get it anyway! Don't worry, Booksvenue has a library of more than 15 million books to search in, and you will probably find what you want. In this search journey, don't miss getting the latest Booksvenue promo code and use it to get your discount.

Check Booksvenue and remember to use Booksvenue coupon to enjoy the promotion.

How to get the latest Booksvenue coupon?

Exchanging gifts between beloved ones strengthens the bond between them and leaves unforgettable memories. Books have their special taste as you can always use them as a gift whatever the relationship between you and the other one you will give it to. Don't miss out on using Booksvenue promo code to get any collection of books with a great discount.

How to use Booksvenue coupon?

Once you decide on the books you need for the next period, all you need is to get the latest Booksvenue coupon code. After making sure you added all the books to the cart with the right quantity, in the checkout step, add coupon code Booksvenue to get your discount.

Booksvenue features

  • Booksvenue discount is a good chance to get any book to your door at a discounted price.
  • Booksvenue customer care is very helpful and available to answer all your questions and inquiries anytime.
  • You have many payment methods you can use to pay for your order.
  • The Booksvenue is categorized to help all the customers get the books that they are really interested in.
  • Your order will be delivered to you anywhere around the world as soon as possible.
  • With Booksvenue, you have more than 14 million books to choose from.
  • You can follow them on different social media platforms and get the new release collections.

How does it take to receive my order from Booksvenue store?

It differs from one publishing house to another, but it mainly takes between 10 and 15 business days. It can be less.

What are the delivery fees in the United Arab Emirates?

If your delivery is over 100 AED, then Booksvenue offers free delivery. 

What are the delivery fees for international shipping?

International shipping depends on the weight of the shipment and the destination.

How can I track my order from Booksvenue store?

As soon as your order is dispatched, you will receive an email with all the details you need to track your order. 

I ordered a long time ago, but I received nothing! What should I do?

Once your order is dispatched, you will receive an email with all the details that make you track your shipment; if you fail to reach any result, please don't hesitate to contact Booksvenue customer care, and they will help you to solve your problem.

Can I cancel my order from Booksvenue store?

You can cancel your order only if it is placed within the same day. 

How does it take to get the refund?

The money will be refunded with the original payment method you use, and this process takes between 7 to 14 working days. If it takes more than this, Booksvenue customer service will contact you and inform you.

Is it possible for that Booksvenue store can cancel my order?

Yes, but this can happen in some conditions:

  • If the book you ordered is not available, this can make Booksvenue cancel the order.
  • Also, if the country has some restrictions on shipping.

To avoid these things, please contact Booksvenue customer care and make sure that there is a stock of the book you need and make sure that the country you want to ship to allows shipping books to it.

I received my order, but the books were damaged! What should I do?

If this happened during the delivery, Booksvenue would exchange the order for you with new ones. 

Available payment ways

You can shop all the books you need and use Booksvenue coupon code to get a great discount on your order, and all above this you have many payment ways you can pay with like:

Credit Card.

Debit Card.


Cash on Delivery.

Buy now, Pay later. 'This option will be available soon in UAE'.

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More Booksvenue coupon code

Booksvenue coupon code

With Booksvenue promotion code, you have more than 14 million books to choose from, and they will be delivered to your door anywhere around the world at a good price.

Booksvenue promo code

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Booksvenue discount code

If it is your first time shopping from Booksvenue, then don't forget to ask about Booksvenue's first-time coupon to get a great discount on your order.