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You can shop for all your grocery needs from your couch and get it quickly with a great discount if you have an Ana Ninja coupon and use it in your shopping.


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About Ana Ninja

About Ana Ninja

How often do you cancel your plans or at least replace one with another because you forget to bring some ingredients and are too busy to go get them?

Ana Ninja grocery solves this problem, and from now you will never mind about your grocery, as you have a supermarket on your phone.

You can shop for all your grocery needs from your couch and get it quickly with a great discount if you have an Ana Ninja coupon and use it in your shopping.

What do you know about the Ana Ninja coupon?

Shopping for your grocery from your home and getting your order within minutes isn't a challenging mission these days as the Ana Ninja application provides their customers with these services in the shortest time. If they use the Ana Ninja coupon, they will get a great discount on any order.

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Ana Ninja categories

Ana Ninja brings the supermarket to your smartphone; you can get all your groceries within a few minutes.

  • Cleaning and Laundry Category: all the cleaning products from many brands are here, and you can add any of them to your basket to get it with your order now!
  • Pet Supplies Category: Ana Ninja didn't forget your pet and made a specific category for their food and supplies as you can use the Ana Ninja discount code to get it at a good price.
  • Canned Food Category: it is a busy day, and you want a healthy meal and don't prefer to order junk food; check this category, add all the ingredients you need to your basket, and enjoy your meal.
  • Baby Products Category: with the Ana Ninja coupon, you can shop any of your baby products, diapers or skin care products with a significant discount, and they will be delivered to your door in minutes.

It is not everything with the application; you can download Ana Ninja and enjoy shopping using the Ana Ninja coupon code to get great deals.

How to get the latest Ana Ninja coupon?

You can follow the official pages for Ana Ninja on social media to get the latest news and offers; having an account on the application, you will be notified with the latest Ana Ninja coupon codes to use in your next order.

How to use an Ana Ninja coupon?

Check all the different categories of Ana Ninja and add all the products to your cart with the quantity you need, then add the Ana Ninja discount code you have to get your discount on your order.

Ana Ninja features

  • You can now shop for all your grocery needs from your mobile phone through the application.
  • Ana Ninja is well designed and organized to do the search and to make it easy for all the customers to reach all the products they need.
  • An Ana Ninja voucher will give you a great discount on your order.
  • Your order will be delivered as fast as possible.
  • Ana Ninja is working hard to cover many locations around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to make the delivery process faster and to meet all the customers' needs, so make sure to use Ana Ninja coupon code KSA to get a great deal.
  • You can pay for your order in many ways.
  • Ana Ninja customer service exists to help you if you have any inquiries, questions, or problems to help you.
  • Having an account on the application will give you the priority to receive all Ana Ninja discounts.

Can I add or change my order after submitting it?

Unfortunately, once you submit the order, the Ana Ninja team starts to process and ship it to you to reach you as soon as possible, so it is impossible to add or replace any item in the order.

Last time my order took a little longer, can I know the problem?

It might happen on busy days, but if the order doesn't arrive within the estimated delivery time indicated in the order, please contact Ana Ninja customer service.

What should I do if I want to become one of the Ana Ninja riders?

You can sign up through the application to become one of the riders or employees.

Can I suggest a specific brand to add to your lists?

Ana Ninja will be more than happy if any of their customers share their favourite brands; please contact Ana Ninja customer service and leave your suggestion.

What are the delivery charges?

It mainly depends on your location and the basket size.

After receiving my order, I found that there was a wrong product. What should I do?

Please contact Ana Ninja customer service; they will help you solve your problem as fast as possible.

I have an Ana Ninja discount code, but it does not work! What should I do?

Ensure that the Ana Ninja promo code you have is identical to the original and that there are no extra spaces. Also, ensure that the Ana Ninja code is still valid and not expired.

If you check all these things and still have a problem, please contact Ana Ninja customer service.

Payment methods

Ana Ninja exists to facilitate part of your day, so you have many ways to pay for your order, such as:


Master Card.

Credit Card.

Choose any payment method that suits you, and if you face any problem completing your order, please don't hesitate to contact Ana Ninja customer service, and they will help you.

Ana Ninja on social media

Follow Ana Ninja's offers through their social media pages like:


If you have any suggestions, questions, or inquiries, please contact Ana Ninja customer care, and they will answer you.

More Ana Ninja coupon

Ana Ninja coupon

If you use the Ana Ninja application and have a favourite brand and don't find its products, please don't hesitate to contact Ana Ninja customer service and suggest your brand to add later.

Ana Ninja discount code

Use your Ana Ninja promo code Egypt to get all your groceries delivered to your door as fast as possible with a significant discount.

Ana Ninja promo code Egypt.

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