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6th Street Code

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the clothes items and products that you are looking for with the lowest prices ever, thanks to 6Th Street Code that you can find easily on our website MENACOUPONS.


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About 6th Street Code

6th Street Code 

If you are looking for a place where you can get all the fashion items that suit every member in your family with the highest quality product and lowest possible prices, then 6Th Street is what you are looking for. 

6Th Street is one of the most well-known online stores where you can get all the fashion and the clothes items and products that you are looking for with the lowest prices ever, thanks to 6Th Street Code that you can find easily on our website MENACOUPONS

6Th store offers us all products at special prices compared to the other competitors in the market.  In addition, you can get products at lower prices by using a 6th street code, to get a huge discount on your order, you can find 6th Street Code renewed on our website MENACOUPONS

And to make the shopping experience more easy for the 6th street shoppers, 6th street has made a user-friendly application from which you can get all of your products with the lowest prices ever only if you used 6th Street Code while purchasing your order. 

Download 6th Street Application For Free 

For a unique shopping experience for all the 6th street users, the store has launched a friendly and easy to use application for all the shoppers to use. 

You can easily download the application on your mobile phone and start shopping with only few clicks on your screen you can get whatever you want from 6th Street with the lowest prices ever if you used 6th street coupon while purchasing your order, and here is how you can can download the application on your devices whether it is Android, or IOS, you can download it for free.

Download 6th Street App for Android

Download 6th Street App for iPhone

More Information About 6th Street Store 

The store was first launched under the umbrella of the international company Apparel International, which was a global group for designing and manufacturing fashion with exceptional quality and adds more sparkle to your lifestyle. 

Apparel International was well known in the Gulf Area especially in the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. And from there they thought it would be a great chance to launch a separate store that specialized in fashion items and clothes that only serve the gulf area, and from there 6Th Street Store was out there. 

Since online shopping has become habit for everyone, as iit saves money as well as time, 6Th Street store has gained a lot of popularity due to the high quality products that you can find online on the website, and the great discounts that you can have through the 6th Street Coupon that you can find on our website. 

The 6th Street store is considered to be a major gateway to the world of fashion in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Emirates, the Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain and Qatar. The site provides the user and visitors with an unforgettable buying experience.

Whether you are shopping through the online website or through the application, you can find that both of them are found in 2 languages; English & Arabic, as well as the ability to contact customer care at any time in case you face any problem with your order or have an inquiry about something. 

The website is also very easy to use as you can purchase your order and have the ability to use your 6th Street coupon code to get an extra discount on your order. 

What Is The Delivery Time Inside the 6th Street Store? 

The 6th Street store offers one of the fastest deliveries in the world of shopping as you can get your shipment within 5 days from the day you order and your order is confirmed, also you can track your shipment to the current status of it. 

In addition to the fast delivery of the shipment, you can also use 6th Street Coupon Code while purchasing your order to get a discount on your delivery. 

Is  6th StreetStore free shipping?

Yes 6th Offers free shipping but only inside the United Arab Emirates. But you can use 6th street code wherever you are to compensate for the delivery shipping that you may pay.  

What Are The Available Sections At  6th StreetStore? 

6th Street has derived all of the products into different section, you can surf between them easily and to get al the products that you are looking fro, and here are the available sections 

Women’s section: This section has many pieces that Arab women need in their daily life, as it is divided into several other sections that serve the needs of women and provide them with the latest fashion.

Men's Section: This section serves all categories of men of all ages, and there are many other sections below this section, such as the Brands section, which offers the customer the products he wants produced from the best international brands for those who are always looking for the best.

Children's Section: This section contains all children's requirements, from newborns to school entry requirements, such as fashion, tools, and others.

Remember that you can always use 6th Street Code while purashg your order from any of these sections to get a discount on your order. 

How To Pay Through the 6th Street Store?

6th Street store offers may reliable payment methods, so that you can pay through the suitable payment method for you, and here are the available payment methods: 

  • Payment through Visa Card.
  • Payment through MasterCard.
  • Pay in cash upon receiving the product.

You can choose the payment method that you think suits you in order to complete the purchase in the best possible way, be sure to use the 6th street coupon code to get a huge discount when completing the purchase.

How To Contact  6th Street Customer Service? 

Beside the great quality  the products and the low prices compared to any other online shopping website, 6th Street Store has a great customer care center, that you can contact in case you are facing problem with your order, and they are always there to help you frp, 9:00am Till 9:00 PM, and here is how you can contact 6th Street Customer Service: 

Contact by phone: +971 800 3852 633

Contact through email: customercare@6thstreet.com